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Skin Cancer Clinic Buderim

Suncoast Christian Health Centre is proud to be one of Buderim’s leading skin cancer clinics. Our centre is fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment for all skin health and skin cancer identification. We have systems and processes in place to be able to any detect skin anomalies, before they become a real problem.

Due to our vast amount of inter-practice resources and expertise, we are one of the best and most reasonably priced Skin Cancer Clinics on Buderim & the Sunshine Coast.

We offer advanced skin clinical services at an extremely affordable price. Together with the best available technology and skill, our skin doctors are fully equipped and ready to assist you. To organise your skin health check, book an online appointment to see our doctors at our Buderim skin cancer clinic.

Our Skin Cancer Clinic’s monitoring process

We will monitor skin on a three, six- or twelve-monthly basis depending on different needs and risk factors of our patients.

During review sessions we will complete a skin scan using our MoleMax HD Pro Diagnostic Imaging Device. Any areas of concern will be highlighted, regardless of previous MoleMax skin scan results. Next, we will perform a comprehensive Dermatoscope check of the face, chest, abdomen, upper and lower limbs, feet and toes, checking for any potential skin cancers.

Dr Chris Iredia a skin doctor from our Buderim skin cancer clinic says, “Having this comprehensive and thorough system that assesses patients skin health in place, we have a very high detection rate.  If there is any Melanoma, Dysplastic Nevus, SCC or BCC, we will detect it.”

By treating and exercising at the primary care level, we can keep our prices affordable to all.

Our aim at Suncoast Christian Health Centre is to provide to the Sunshine Coast, an outstanding skin cancer service, which includes early detection and minor removals of skin cancers for a fair and accessible price.   We have reduced costs, by having a quality team of in-house Doctors who are passionate about skin health, and equipping them with state-of-the-art tools. As a result, Suncoast can offer lower prices for advanced skin cancer identification and treatment.

Our team of dedicated Doctors guarantee to provide the Sunshine Coast with a comprehensive and professional skin cancer service for Buderim & the Sunshine Coast

MoleMax is operated by our professionally trained staff.  It features:

  • High Definition Skin imaging
  • Real-time Comparison of results
  • Total body mapping
  • Professional popularity and approval – the MoleMax technology has been sold in over 50 countries


  • Allows us to observe the architecture of troubling skin spots, pinpointing the MoleMax results even further
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What’s The Next Step For Our Buderim Skin Cancer Clinic


Should we identify any skin issues with the MoleMax and Dermoscope we will then take a biopsy.

There are two type of biopsy’s we can administer to suspicious skin areas:

  • A punch biopsy: using a biopsy punch
  • A shave Biopsy where we will make a shave or circular cut of the area

These biopsies are key – they contain a lot of information.  Using these biopsies, we can test the type, severity and advancement of the cancer.

Using the Dermoscope results along with the biopsy information, our skin doctors then assess, what or what not to cut, how deep or wide to cut, or if the patient needs to be referred straight to the hospital.

One of the best advantages the Molemax HD gives us is the stored memory of each patient’s skin History.

Having the Molemax skin cancer checks at regular intervals, really allows our practice to monitor your skin efficiently. Rather than focusing on that ‘one suspicious mole’, we will perform thorough, regular checks of the whole body.

The frequency of skin cancer checks is dependent upon the patient – if there is no history of skin cancer, annual checks are adequate. However, if there is a history, then 6-monthly or even 3 monthly skin cancer check-ups will be recommended.

Skin Cancer Treatment

When treating skin cancer, there is always the “go-to” of cutting it out.  However, not all skin cancers need to be removed by cutting. Some can be removed with a simple cream, whilst others can just be frozen off.  The side effects of these treatments are explained by our doctors.

With these three tools:

  • Molemax
  • Dermoscope
  • Biopsy

We will know exactly how to treat your skin cancer.

Call us or book online to organise your skin health check at our Buderim Skin Cancer Clinic

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